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Microblading Course

Microblading Course

The SDH Microblading Course is designed to fully train beginners, over an intensive two day programme, the skilful art of Microblading.

Advanced Brow Masterclass

Advanced Brow Masterclass

This Masterclass is suitable for Advanced Microblading and/or Digital Machine Brow Technicians looking to further their techniques and knowledge.

Classic Lash Course

Classic Lash Course

The SDH Classic Lash Course offers an intensive and comprehensive one day training course, focusing on teaching beginners the application of Individual Lash Extensions.

Brow Treatments



Microblading is a popular procedure used to mimic the effect of real brow hairs, creating the appearance of natural and fuller looking brows.

Digital Machine

Using a digital machine, pigment is applied to the dermal layer of the skin. This technique creates a more defined and longer lasting “makeup effect” brow.


Microblading is combined with digital machine to create a fuller, fluffy brow with a defined tale. The best of both worlds!