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Two Day Training Course

SDH Microblading Course

Microblading a brow

Course Details

Microblading is a popular semi-permanent procedure used to mimic the effect of real brow hairs, creating the appearance of natural and fuller looking brows.

The SDH Microblading Course is designed to fully train beginners, over an intensive two day programme, the skilful art of Microblading. The Course is taught in three sections:

  • Prior to the Course you will receive Pre-Reading Material. This includes learning the Functions of the Skin, Contraindications, Colour Theory as well as advice on setting up your business. We recommended spending two days studying this material.
  • The First Day of the Course is comprised of ensuring our students have a firm understanding of the Theory and answer any questions; we want our students to be knowledgeable and confident when explaining the procedure to future clients. You will then learn pattern techniques for creating a natural hair stroke using a hand tool and observe a practical Microblading demonstration by your trainer on a model.
  • On the Second Day of the Course, after practicing Hair-stroke techniques on synthetic skin, you will have your first practical during which you will carry out the treatment on your own model under the supervision of your trainer.

Following training, you will be required to carry out extensive work on latex and complete 15 set of pre-draws before beginning your Five Microblading Case Studies. Case studies can only be carried out once your course instructor has approved your extensive work on latex. Once your Case Studies have been approved by your trainer, then you will be awarded your SDH Microblading Certificate of Completion.

At SDH, we love to see the work our students carry out once they complete their training. Therefore, you will benefit from having our trainers advice for the longevity of your Microblading career and many of our previous clients have found this an invaluable part of our service.

Trainer Qualifications

TQUK Level 3 Award In Education and Training

Over 6 Years Experience in the SPMU Industry

Fully Accredited by ABT Insurance

Included in the Course

An extensive Microblading Kit containing high-end quality products, including the Tina Davis 8 Pigment Set.

A SDH Microblading Course Certificate, issued upon successful completion of the course

Price for SDH Microblading Course


Deposit of £500

For additional information and to enquire on our availability